Ghost Express

Ghosts: The Untapped Resource

Ghosts have one purpose: shenanigans. More ghosts exist than all of the people who have ever lived, and until now we've allowed them to roam the Earth free of charge.


Ghost Express has developed a complex system for finding, capturing and redistributing these ghosts, and we're finally ready to open up our services to the public!

Your victim will receive:

1 magically-sealed package containing:
  • 1 Randomly-chosen spirit from Containment Vault
  • The object we used to lure & trap the ghost; usually something they have a significant attraction to.
  • 1 Information Card, detailing the ghost's:
    • Date of Death
    • Type of ghost (Orb, poltergeist, etc)
    • Mood (The ghost usually remains in this mood eternally)
    • Responses to our "Like and Dislike" questioning

YOU will receive

1 Email containing:
  • A receipt